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The prayer of intercession offers incredible opportunities to expand our territory of service. We can pray for those who live under our roof, our neighbors, or for those who live on the other side of the planet, and God, in heaven, hears these prayers. Those for whom we pray are then influenced by heaven. Through the prayer of intercession, our territory of service can be vast and unlimited. Our prayers can reach anyone, anywhere, and since God hears and permits an answer to our prayers, wonderful things happen when we pray. Prayer is one of the most noble and disinterested gifts we can give each other, because only God knows and is the only one to receive the glory of the results. Our Father wants us to trust Him.
No prayer is wasted. God considers every prayer offered to Him and is constantly involved in the course of history. Even the prayers which according to our limited knowledge did not exist. Each true prayer exposes the kingdom of Satan and helps establish the kingdom of God. Prayer rejects the forces of darkness and fights against evil and error. The more we pray, the more our horizon expands and the more we expect miracles from our super-natural God. Ignoring prayer in a secular and humanistic space. We deny ourselves access to divine power and guidance in our lives. As the people of God of the last days, we must nourish ourselves with His infinite power.


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